International Conference on Minority Languages XII

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The ICML conference in Tartu and Võru will focus on the study of autochthonous minority communities and their language use. New perspectives have emerged for the revitalisation of lesser-used languages due to modern technological development. However, new educational and communicational technologies and tools have not been fully applied in the development of minority communities and their languages. This conference will provide an academic opportunity to discuss which barriers need to be overcome, myths to be broken, processes to be followed and changes to be undertaken.

Given their colonial past and often-shifted state borders, but also today’s multimodal media and fluid identities, scholarly attention to autochthonous languages always confronts a number of problems:

  • What are the consequences of standardisation?
  • How are the issues of language ownership reflected in schooling?
  • Do multiple identities and languages visualised into landscapes add to linguistic diversity?
  • What is the role of primary socialisation in language maintenance?
  • Does the way researchers or planners name languages decide their very existence?
  • Have minority communities and their languages benefited from the World Wide Web?

ICML XII aims to search for answers to these questions and to reconsider some theoretical orthodoxies. Furthermore, we hope to hear from the experience of such communities who have taken advantage of technological innovations.

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